Allergy Abatement Specialist

Allergy Safe Office - Allergy Safe HomeWhile it takes a doctor to treat a person suffering from allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities; it takes a trained specialist to treat the home, office, or school that holds the triggers of these allergies.  The Allergy Safe program has been developed with the assistance of Environmental Health Services.  The goal is to empower a entrepreneurial program that enables trained individuals to inspect, assess, and remediate the causes of respiratory problems.

Environmental Remediation Services is the leader in the full area of remediation service.  Allergy Abatement offers a sound education is the basics of allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities that lay the foundation for the best methods to provide an Allergy Safe home, office, or school.  More importantly, the best methods of creating an Allergy Safe room or building are explained.  In the end, there is an important service that can be provided by an Allergy Abatement Specialist.

This course is considered an extension of the Certified Ozone Technician and the Fresh Air Expert courses.  The material delves into the causes and solutions for allergies.  This is not a course for the treatment of allergy sufferers, but the understanding of abatement programs that will provide relief for allergy, asthma, and chemical sensitivity suffers.

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