Property Managers and Real Estate Sanitizing

Ozone has been one of the most accepted treatments to remove stale or bad odors from vacant apartments or homes.  In light of COVID-19, there is a heightened need to assure prospective renters or buyers that the property is not only odor-free but fully sanitized.  

For quite some time, the importance of a home to show well meant that the property needed to be cleaned, staged, and even smell inviting.  We all know the tricks of potpourri, candles, and warm cookies to create the positive response of prospective buyers as they enter the door.

Ozone treatments were quite effective in actually removing the odd smells from an apartment or home.  One good treatment and the smells of smoking, pets, mold, and staleness were eliminated.  But, there is more to a proper ozone treatment.  The property was effectively sanitized as well.

Now, the added feature of a sanitized, odor-free, toxin-free home has become the expected standard.

Moving into someone's house is the equivalent of sleeping in someone's bed that has had the bed linens changes.  It creates a very uncomfortable feeling.

Apartments and homes are filled with the kind of residual accumulations of years of living.  The dust and dirt that hides in vents, carpets, and hidden areas is astounding.  This is why some homes have "a smell" that others can smell.  We have all walked into an otherwise clean home and caught the odd scent that the homeowner no longer smells.

I am going to avoid being graphic as the contamination of any home is always a factor.  More than odors, there are toxic accumulations from pesticides, cleaning products, paints, sprays, and so much more.

Now there is a concern for bacteria and viruses.  Bacteria can live a long time on surfaces and can be pathogenic.  

Find a professional remediation service that is certified by the National Ozone Association.  There are a number of self-appointed ozone people who are ill-equipped to do the job.  Businesses certified by the National Ozone Association (NOAI) are trained, supported, well-equipped, and certified to deliver a professional remediation treatment.