Layman Ozone Training Course

Basic Ozone TrainingThe office of the National Ozone Association receives dozens of calls every week from non-professionals about the proper use of ozone and ozone generators.  In response, we have developed a Basic Ozone Training course that answers all the most important questions, offers our insights for best use of ozone generators, and insights that anyone considering buying an ozone generator.

Most ozone generator sales only offer a small pamphlet and very little good advice.  Ozone is not dangerous, but it does have some issues that need to be understood BEFORE you turn the ozone generator on.  This course deals with the safety issues, the mistakes to avoid, and even advice on the best type of ozone generator for your application.

  • What size ozone generator is right for your job?
  • What preparations are needed for best results?
  • Dealing with odors, mold, germs, and insects
  • Safety precautions to follow
  • How long does a treatment last?
  • What are the other Options?

Ozone is a science, but it is not rocket science.  When you understand how to use ozone and get results, your investment in an ozone generator.  This course is 100% online, and those who buy this course are invited to ask questions regarding applications that need more detailed answers.  This is not a certification course, but intended to provide solid basic training for non-professionals.  Course fee is $25

... $25 for our Basic Ozone Training course