Best Ozone Generator made for Professionals

Best Ozone GeneratorAfter a decade in the business, we have seen it all.  When it comes to an ozone generator, they have been around since the time of Nicoli Tesla.  Ozone generators are sold online by Youtube-Hypesters and promoters of all types.  So, prepare to be totally confused if you are willing to attempt to sort the false boasts from actual facts.  First of all, if the ozone generator is made in China, forget it.  They are often inferior and there is no good way to maintain them.  These units usually end up collecting dust in your garage or basement.

Rather than rant about garage-built ozone generators that are hacked fans and air blowers, just go to and get the 32G unit.  It is powerful, reliable, and made in America.  All ozone generators will need some maintenance, so we are pleased to report that the 32G is easy to maintain and can perform at 100% production for years to come.

Our bias is obvious because we were called into the engineering meetings as this unit was designed.  Rather than retooling a blower, fan, or vacuum; the 32G was built from scratch to be a reliable, professional ozone generator.  There were a hundred decisions that went into the design including weight, power, and portability.  Some promoters pushing a 100,000 mg/hr machine are outlandish.  These bulky machines are hard to transport, expensive to repair, and can actually harm goods.  National Ozone Association discourages the use of anything over 64,000 mg/hr (64G) for typical service providers.  They are too expensive, too bulky, and not the best treatment.

Large ozone machines require fans to move the air throughout the building, so your load is even bigger.  After all, four 32G machines can produce the same power but are far easier to transport and can be strategically positioned throughout the house for a more even treatment.

Small ozone generators are at the opposite end of the spectrum and because they are actually too small for many jobs, manufacturers tell people to run them for 12, 24, 36, and 48 hours.  Big mistake!  When the unit is 12,000 mg/hr or less, It is like filling a pool with a straw.  It will work, but it is inefficient.  Plus, the National Ozone Association strongly suggests that no ozone treatment should last for more than 8 hours to prevent "embedding the ozone smell" into the house.