The Better Ozone Business

Activated Hydrogen Peroxide The interest in ozone as an environmentally-superior cleaning/sanitizing concept is encouraging.  More and more, ozone has proven itself to be a great, natural solution.  After all, ozone is just another form of oxygen.  (O2 now formed as O3)  This enriched form of oxygen must be used properly since it is a respiratory irritant when applied at higher levels.  But, what cleaning chemical out there does not have warning labels for its use?

In fact, ozone is now a well-known process in food processing and industrial applications.  It is used in municipal water supply systems and aquariums of all sizes.  And finally, the public is more accepting of ozone although it has been unkindly criticized by those who have another agenda.  Notably, chemical manufacturers do not want to get an opportunity for a free concept to displace their billion dollar grip on the cleaning products we all buy.

So, anyone can buy an ozone machine anymore.  Most are imported from China or built in garage-type operations; but publicly boasted as the latest and best.  However, lest we get off base on the subject, let me once again point out that the best use of an ozone generator is not a singular, all-encompassing concept.  Ozone is a tool that is best used strategically.  This is where so many people and quasi-professionals miss the boat.  There are other good tools a professional will need to handle the variety of issues why will encounter.

The best results often involve a combination of tools to do the job well.  For example, a dirty carpet with a bad pet smell needs to be cleaned first.  If not, odors may persist.  Why?  Well, ozone is topical meaning it works from the outside, in.  Deeply embedded odors have developed over years and they are more than superficial.  So, the first step to a successful job is often cleaning.  Odors and sanitizing are best delivered in conjunction with a good cleaning and a good sanitizing.  Do not confuse the two ideas, because they are two sides of the same coin.

Decon Five is practically an aqueous or liquid oxidizer, even as ozone is a gaseous oxidizer.  After more than a decade of military applications for a variety of environmental threats, this environmentally-safe product is now available for professionals.  Adding Decon Five to your odor and sanitizing protocols will reduce the time ozone needs to be applied, but increase the overall quality of the job.  

So, my advice to anyone thinking about the ozone business is to understand why things smell, spread disease, or promote mold growth.  Know that ozone is very effective for these problems in the NOW.  Cleaning improves results by partially removing the food source.  Ozone will kill off the offending (and offensive) bacteria gas-makers.  And, Decon Five will double down of the total effectiveness of the job.  So, less time on the job, but an obvious system that clients will observe makes your earnings even better

If you plan to use an ozone generator for your situation, or as a business service.  Learn the three basics:  Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Prevention.  The same principle works for infection control, mold remediation, allergy abatement, and odor mitigation.  This may add $4-5 to the cost of the job, but the success rate should be significant. 

Activated Hydrogen Peroxide