Parler is the David vs Goliath Story

Parler comWhile I am not much for social media, I feel forced into a conscientious decision about where to take my stand.  Either we all knuckle under to the mega-media platforms or align with an agenda-free-speech platform.  So, I encourage people to consider a mass migration to that is now at 3.5 million members with a 10X growth expectation in 2021.  I am sure we will still find the crazies on an open platform, but the censorship by the mega-media platforms acting like the Internet Gestapo police is the present-day reality.

We have give the mega-media platforms billions in profits, control of our news, intrustion into our lives by secret data collection, and immunity from liability for their crude monopoly.  This is truly a David vs Goliath challenge.  Frnakly, I find that the ability to DM, build family or special interest networks, post freely, and comment to be really easy.  If you don't like some member post, drop them out fo your feed.  Free uncensored speech is a right no person or company should take away simply because they disagree with you.