Big Mistake When Buying an Ozone Generator

If there is one MUST HAVE item for any ozone generator, it is a timer.  More mistakes are made because of overtreatment than any other complaint.  In spite of so many Internet that promote huge-ozone generators who tell you to "Crush the Problem", we believe in a more moderate approach.

The second big question is the right size ozone generator.  However, we feel that the duration of the ozone generator treatment is actually the most important calculation.  

The National Ozone Association believes that many odor or environmental threats were developed over time, meaning years and decades.  The best solution, then, is to neutralize the threat as it were created in layers.  So, one-time massive treatments may work well, but it makes a lot more sense to look at the solution as a strategic program with steps.

Do not forget that the first step is always cleaning to the extent possible.  Then, the special services will have their best impact.

Instead of 4, 8, 12, and 24 hours of ozone as some suggest, we like 1-4 hour treatment as the normal first step.  Then, give the treatment 24 hours to evaluate the result.  Since we know that there are hundreds of variables to any situation, do not try to make a sledgehammer the solution to every problem.

Use the built-in timer to start and stop the unit thinking of your circumstance as something that may take one, two, three, or four cycles of treatment.  This prevents overtreatment and the unfortunate "embedding of the ozone smell".  Ozone is an effective remediation tool, but it should be applied in measured stages since most ozone generator owners are not trained professionals with years of experience.

Even trained ozone professionals know that they need a strategy that includes cleaning, ozone treatment, toxic elimination, and extra inclusions that can accomplish the job in one trip.

To avoid the big mistakes for ozone generators, make sure that it has a good timer and is fits the sweet spot of ozone output (30,000 to 40,000 mg/hr).  Then after cleaning properly, apply ozone is shorter cycles with time to evaluate when the problem has been solved.