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How to Better Use Ozone in Hotels

There is no doubt that using an ozone generator to get rid of smoke and odors in hotel rooms is a good idea.  But there are two downside to using ozone.  First, a treatment can be 1-4 hours in length, and there is is the ozone smell after it has finished the job.  The third issue is poorly informed workers who might leave the machine on too long and embed the ozone smell.

Make Money with This Non-Franchise Business

Right now, you can find a variety of franchise options offering sanitizing, odor removal, specialty cleaning, or other remediation services.  These are complete systems with a national footprint, but at a very heavy price.  But, the $25,000 to $50,000 price slams the door hard for those without the resources to pay the upfront fee.  Then there is the monthly franchise fee that sometimes seems like the franchise owns you regardless of calling you an independent business owner.

NOAI Certified Ozone Generators

Ozone generator repairThe National Ozone Association is a network of ozone professionals who work hard to provide honest and effective ozone related services.  To do this, the equipment that these professional choose is very important.  The real cost of buying Internet-promoted ozone generators is that they are made in China or made in a garage from blowers that

ATP or IAQ Meter for Healthy Buildings

An ATP meter is used by cleaning companies to spot-check the work of the cleaners.  Special attention is given to the bathrooms and eating areas.  ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the enzyme of living matter, particularly bacteria.  So, the ATP meter is testing, not directly for bacteria, but the byproduct of bacteria.  So, ATP testing is an indirect way to measure for the presence of bacteria.  These are then calculated in CFU's', meaning Colony Forming Units.