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ATP or IAQ Meter for Healthy Buildings

An ATP meter is used by cleaning companies to spot-check the work of the cleaners.  Special attention is given to the bathrooms and eating areas.  ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the enzyme of living matter, particularly bacteria.  So, the ATP meter is testing, not directly for bacteria, but the byproduct of bacteria.  So, ATP testing is an indirect way to measure for the presence of bacteria.  These are then calculated in CFU's', meaning Colony Forming Units.

New Improved Ozone Training

Ozone TrainingThe National ozone Association is the most recognized source for ozone training and certification.  We are rolling out the latest and best Certified Ozone Technician training ever.  We have found the videos are much better than pages of text.  So, we have revamped the information and made the course 90% video and 10% text.