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The Odor Removal Business

Odor RemvalDo you remember when ozone services built their business primarily on odor removal?  That market has been overshadowed by the demand for sanitization against the COVID-19 pandemic.  That market still exists as does the need for mold remediation in thousands of homes and businesses.  

How to Start a Sanitizing Service

If ever there was the perfect time to start a sanitizing service, this is it.  In previous years, sanitizing was maybe number five on a list of six things people that were important.  After COVID-19, sanitizing became number one in a big way.  As you start your sanitizing business, prepare to be more than what others are offering.  You can expect competition, so think of how you will stand out and stand above the competition.

How about Liquid Ozone?

There are gaseous ozone and liquid ozone options.  Most people know ozone as a gas made of three connect oxygen atoms.  And ozone actually only does ONE THING, and that is a process called OXIDATION.  One oxygen atom drops off to bond with the target problem to oxidize it.  And in most cases, oxidized materials are made more neutral o

Indoor Air Quality

Make no mistake, those who started out as ozone services are a small part of the indoor air quality (IAQ) sector.  The more elite group of IAQ professionals may not want to admit that ozone services are part of the camp, but it is simply a fact.  One of the notable problems iin the air is odors, and ozone has been one of the best solutions to odor removal.  This statement supposes that the people using ozone are trained and experienced on the use of ozone.

How Ozone Kills Germs

Ozone SanitizingIn light of the recent concerns for infectious disease, the question of sanitizing with ozone is a growing question.  Historically, ozone has been used to kill bacteria and viruses in a variety of examples.

Sanitizing a Sick Building

Sanitizing Sick BuildingWith the emphasis on the COVID-19 or a COVID-19 variant as the biggest threat of our lives, take a moment to consider that sanitizing a sick building could be about more than the latest virus.  The fact is that buildings are a collection of health concerns and people have been getting sick in building for the last 100 years.  While sick building issues have not been as acute or rapid-mo

Cold Plasma Ozone Generator

There are three best-known forms of ozone generation.  First is ozone created by the intersection of UV light as it passes through an oxygen environment.  We see this in our upper atmosphere where UV light from the sun creates the "Ozone Layer" as the UV light hits the oxygen in earth's atmosphere.  We can recreate the same reaction when an ozone generator uses UV light to treat the air passing through the generator system.