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Will Ozone Kill Insects?

There are those who boast that ozone will kill insects.  This is partially true and partially false.  To be clear, ozone is not a great pesticide concept unless applied at very high saturation levels.  Nonetheless, there are plenty of field reports of dead cockroaches and spiders after a strong ozone treatment.

The Mission of National Ozone Association

While most ozone websites are promoting their products, the National Ozone Association was started by a dozen well-proven ozone service experts who saw the need for an organization that could eventually set standards and form a network of professional remediation services.  Misinformation was rampant, and equipment was often garage-built machines in toolboxes.

Studies Report that Ozone is not a Carcinogen

The Internet is filled with advice.  Some good, and some of it is just plain stupid.  However, random comments or blogs can literally say anything and make it sound like they really know what they are talking about.  We have placed several reports on this topic in the Business Section of the National Ozone Association website.  They are very interesting reading because these are experts with degrees who have conducted very reliable projects.

Oxy, Oxygen, O3, and Ozone Generators

It is a reality check when we realize that something like oxygen is a critical part of our lives in more than the simple act of breathing.  Oxygen is a fungible (easily exchanged) element in our world.  When it comes to cleaning, you now hear of OXY or OXI empowered products that clean and whiten better.  Oxygen, oxy, and ozone are in the same family that uses extra oxygen atoms to solve problems.