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Indoor Air Quality Testing

indoor air qualityIs there a need to bring in an indoor air testing specialist?  As an indoor air quality specialist, I have seen a rather consistent pattern when we go into so many homes.  It is the unfortunate circumstance of years of ignoring the core issues that affect their lives.

What is Medical Ozone?

Medical ozoneThere is a difference between medical ozone compared to the typical ozone used to treat environmental problems in homes and offices.  Typical ozone used by service companies convert ozone from normal air using high-output systems.  

Allergy & Toxic Building Specialist

Allergy Safe Office - Allergy Safe HomeThere is a sizable segment of society that is not divided by gender, age, race, or religion.  Millions of people suffer from reactive illnesses that are aggravated by external threats.  Over the years, our remediation services are constantly getting calls from people who are asking if there is toxic mold in their homes.