What is Ozone Shock?

There is a lot of chatter about "Ozone Shock" treatment.  This process introduces high levels of ozone into the building to destroy odors, germs, or mold.  Think about a chlorine shock for your pool that has had a bad algae bloom.  Normal pool cleaning methods won't solve a severe algae problem, so the pool owner throws in a large portion of chlorine to kill of the algae before filtering the gunk out of the pool.

How to Use Ozone to Remove Odors from Cars & Trucks

If you spend a lot of time in a car, you will discover that your car has a smell, not a good one!  There is a lot that goes into a smelly car.  Food and drinks are a big part of the problem.  Have you ever left some fast-food in the car for more than a day?  You will immediately recognize your mistake the next day.  And, the smell may linger for weeks.

Ozone vs Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl GeneratorsAs an advocate of ozone solutions, it is possible to be closed-minded about something that competes with ozone.  However, the premise is "Environmentally-Smart Solution" rather than one idea that ignores all else. In fact, I have tried to be open-minded about all non-chemical solutions to the common problems we face.