EPA Warnings about Ozone

While the EPA has warned about ozone problems, it should be understood that there are hundreds of ozone applications that make our lives better.  Every good thing can be abused and misused, and ozone is no different.  Knowing that the are mistakes to avoid, there is a need apply ozone in ways that solve problems without introducing a variety of chemicals that are serious pollution issues themselves.

What is Shock Ozone?

The idea of shock ozone is the white whale of ozone treatments.  While many ozone generators claim to create ozone shock, this process is not easily accomplished and has its potential risks.  The National Ozone Association has determined that ozone shock is 10-12 oom or more of ozone saturation.  

Sanitizing with Ozone

Best Ozone MeterCOVID-19 is another form of the coronavirus that has threatened our world nine times before.  This has caused a renewed interest in ozone as a sanitizing and disinfecting process.  Ozone has been used in commercial and medical applications to kill all types of pathogens.  Even your dentist may be using medical-grade ozone to treat plaque and disease in your gums and treat.