What is Ozone Shock?

There is a lot of chatter about "Ozone Shock" treatment.  This process introduces high levels of ozone into the building to destroy odors, germs, or mold.  Think about a chlorine shock for your pool that has had a bad algae bloom.  Normal pool cleaning methods won't solve a severe algae problem, so the pool owner throws in a large portion of chlorine to kill of the algae before filtering the gunk out of the pool.

What is an Ozone Shock Application?

Ozone Shock DefinedThe question of "Ozone Shock" float about like a myth of blue fairies.  Is ozone shock real?  How does it happen, and what does it do?  We at the National Ozone Association have been trying to nail down this concept so it is more than the odd ozone rumor that few understand.  Ozone shock refers to a saturation point where ozone have maximum effect.

Advanced Odor Mitigation

We get a lot of questions about odor mitigation and price estimating.  I am always pleased to talk to people, but it recall that a teacher once said, if one person has a question, a lot of others have the same question but were afraid to ask.  So, I made copious notes over a six month period of the most persistent questions.  What to charge for not-so-normal jobs and how to attack stubborn odors were very common questions.

Remove Smoke Smell from Apartment or Home

One of the constant problems for anyone in the Odor Control services is the embedded smells that become a permanent part of the building.  These odros can come from cooking smells, pet odors, and smoke.   Embedded odors differ from something like a paint smell that happens for a while, then fades.  Embedded smells actually take hold and stay with you.  They are best detected when you leave your house for a while, and then you walk back in after a real chance to clear you nasal cavities.

Charles Boday Rails against National Ozone Assocation

There are two ways to build a company.  The first is on its merits, and the second is by destroying the competition with innuendo and slanted reviews.  Since his early days as a reseller of MaxBlaster equipment, Charles Boday has viciously turned on every competitor to decry their quality without being honest about his own garage-built ozone generators.  Of late, Charles Boday has been claiming that the National Ozone Association was his idea, and it was stolen away.  To be stolen implies that he owned it.