Ozone for Hotels

As more and more hotels and motels turn to ozone to clean and sanitize their rooms, there are a few tips that may help make the task more effective.  Here is some important guidelines for using ozone in your rooms.

Ozone vs Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl GeneratorsAs an advocate of ozone solutions, it is possible to be closed minded about something that compete's with ozone.  However, the premise is "Environmentally-Smart Solution" rather than one idea that ignores all else. In fact, I have tried to be open-minded about all non-chemical solutions to the common problems we face.

Infection Prevention for an Infection Control Program

Now that the innane policies of a freckless administration has basically sanctioned the influx of people from ebola-threatened countries, we now have yet another threat the to integrity of this country.  It may be that this disease will spreads regardless of smart disease management policies, but why invite the problem into our midst,

Ozone Shock Levels and Ozone Treatments

Lifecycle of OzoneThere are a number of common questions about ozone and how ozone is applied for an odor problem, for sanitizing, and mold treatment.  We also field questions about OZONE SHOCK and types of generators needed for proper ozone treatments.  Of course, much of the confusion comes from the Internet gurus who are actually boasting about their ozone generators for sale.

Understanding PPM for Ozone Generators

If you read the first section of this mini-lesson, you now have some understanding of PPM for ozone generators.  If not, click here to read "How Much Ozone is Enough?"  This is a very important aspect of the ozone business, and critical to making choices for an ozone machine.  The industry suffers from the hype-meisters who use YouTube or Google Adwords to grab the interest of ill-informed people to buy their equipment.