What is Ozone Shock?

There is a lot of chatter about "Ozone Shock" treatment.  This process introduces high levels of ozone into the building to destroy odors, germs, or mold.  Think about a chlorine shock for your pool that has had a bad algae bloom.  Normal pool cleaning methods won't solve a severe algae problem, so the pool owner throws in a large portion of chlorine to kill of the algae before filtering the gunk out of the pool.

How to Use Ozone to Remove Odors from Cars & Trucks

If you spend a lot of time in a car, you will discover that your car has a smell, not a good one!  There is a lot that goes into a smelly car.  Food and drinks are a big part of the problem.  Have you ever left some fast-food in the car for more than a day?  You will immediately recognize your mistake the next day.  And, the smell may linger for weeks.