Breakthrough Technology for Ozone Generators

When we survey the field of ozone generators, we see pretty much the same basic system types.  The cheap ones are using a cheap version of ozone production.  The more expensive ones are using a better construction but the same basic design.  

At the heart of these ozone generators is a screen or plate that is charged with high voltage to create a corona field that often glows blue.  Like cars or tools, you can find the cheap stuff that do not last long and the expensive ones that are built to last.  

Breakthrough Ozone Generator

We are more than pleased to announce the latest smart innovation for ozone generators. has produced a fantastic ozone generator that adds a heatsink to the underside of each ozone plate.  While the less-informed, the idea of a heatsink sapps heat from the system.  Heat is the enemy of any electrical system.  If any electrical system heats up, efficiency goes down and failure happens more quickly.  

Ask anyone familiar with electrical systems if heat is harmful to electrical equipment.  Heat is never good for motors, computers, or ozone generators.  And, ozone machines generate a lot of heat.  Never touch the screen or plate after the equipment stops. It will be very hot.  That heat is destroying the integrity of the components and shortening their lifecycle.

The All Ozone 15/30G MAX has jumped way ahead of every other commercial ozone generator by adding heatsinks to their plates that effectively cool the plates.  Cool plates produce more ozone and last much longer.  It is a known fact that hot conditions can reduce ozone production by 50%, 60%, and 80% than the ozone output other systems claim to deliver.

Adding to the cooling dynamics is a dual fan system (intake and exhaust) that may not increase the CFM by provides a strong, steady air flow under and over the transformers and plates.  The high level of ozone output has the push to reach out throughout the treatment area.  Both of these features add to the cost, so you might expect to pay a premium for the All Ozone 15/30G MAX.  But, it is currently selling for just $25, including shipping.

Even more genius is found in the modular system that allows the end-user to quickly drop in a new transformer and plates by removing just two screws.  We love everything about the 15/30G Max.  The National Ozone Association was very pleased to award the NOAI Approved seal to the 15/30G MAX from