Buy Ozone Generator Tips

If you make the mistake of typing "Buy Ozone Generator" into the search engines, you will encounter a maze of product and astounding claims for each unit.  Then, the confusion kicks in as the ozone generator choices and claims are intended to grab attention and sell the promoter's machine.  It is best to start out with the basic questions.

  • Type of Ozone generator
  • Where it was built
  • Amount of output
  • Quality and Ease of Repair

They type of unit for odor, mold, sanitizing, or generally treating rooms and building is a "Corona" type ozone generator.  Don't consider plasma, UV, or oxygen-supply units.  Their ozone output is very pure, but too little to treat rooms.  Medical grade ozone often requires a very pure type of ozone in smaller amounts.  Corona units use transformers and glowing plates to put out enough ozone to treat large areas.

Where the ozone generator was built is also important.  Units from China, Malaysia, or Korea are typically not intended to last long and are impossible to repair.  Many foreign-built ozone generators are destined to become a garage dust-collector.

The amount of output is one of the most deceptive boasts on YouTube and product websites.  Here's the simple reality to help guide your decision.  Anything under 20,000 mg/hr is too small for anything more than a single room.  And, anything over 60,000 mg/hr is probably too small.  A too-small ozone generator will need to run for too long (8, 12, 24 hours) to do the job ... maybe.  The National Ozone Assocition reports that running any ozone generator for more than eight hours is not recommended.  Long ozone treatments can "Embed the Ozone Smell" and that means that the ozone smell stays for weeks and months after the treatment.  

Too-large equipment can destroy odors, but have many shortcomings.  First is the cost, size, and repair of a large unit seems a mistake.  If your Big Unit goes down, you're out of business.  Using multiple units of roughly the 30,000 to 40,000 mg/hr range allows the service to spread the treatment more evenly.  They are easy to handle, and one broken unit doesn't stop the job.

Quality and ease of repair is one of of those "Kick Myself" issues.  Each ozone generator is an investment in your business.  Buying cheap is always a decision that we all regret in time.  Buying an ozone generator that is supported by parts and repairs in the U.S. will pay dividends for years in the future.