Certified Mold Inspector & Remediator

Mold Inspection Training

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Professional Mold Inspection and Remediation Institute to provide training and certification for those who are seeking to work in the mold remediation sector.  We have negotiated a special price for all four of the PMI courses for just $399 for those who are part of our association.  As a certified professional mold inspector, we believe you will need to know about the remediation process as well.  So, our special deal is the full 90 hour (online) set of courses, which include:

  • Certificed Residiential Mold Inspection course   .... normally $299
  • Certified Commericial Mold Inspection course   .... normally $249
  • Certified Mold Remediator Course       ....   normally $299
  • Mold Remediation Protocols                 ....   normally $249
  • Marketing and Promotional materials    .... normally $199
  • Decon Five online training course         .... included
  • Use of the online mold reporting software  .... $399 value

You get a lot for a very modest fee.  I took the PMI training several years ago, and I found it more than adequate.  The latest version of the online training is greatly improved, and there are now inclusions of IIRC, NAMRI in their program.  These are all the credentials needed for most states.  PMII is all you need in all states (see map), but a few.  In Florida, PMII is allowed for CEC only as Florida does not accept online course training.  PMII is approved in Louisiana and a 4 hour unfair trade practices course is needed.  New York only allows live training for mold courses.  Texas and Washington D.C. have additional requirements for mold inspection and remediation.

It makes sense to get trained in mold inspection as it is a persistent issue for anyone involved with indoor air quality, odor mitigation, and health related services.  Even if you do not offer mold inspection, the information is very important to the overall evaluation of a home or building.  It is certain that anyone offering services will eventually encounter a mold issue.

If anyone wants to understand mold problems and the proper solutions, this online course series is a great way to get up-to-speed.  Whether you use the certification or not, it is hard to imagine any service somehow related to indoor air quality issue trying to ignore this concern.  If you have this training, you can speak to the issue professionally and then refer the customer to a local service provider.  We add in the value of special training of the Decon Five applicator course, and ongoing support for our customers.  

PMII offers this package of courses at $499 normally.  As a part of the Decon Five network, you get $100 credit toward the purchase. There is no time limit for course completion.  If you have an interest in the training, please contact our office as we need to specially enroll you to get the discount.