Chorine Dioxide for Odor Removal

The best type of odor removal, beside the basic need to clean well, is an OXIDIZER.  An oxidizer doesn't mask odors.  They literally go to the source of the odor (usually organic) and change it from one form to another.  The best example is iron that is oxidized as rust.  Rust is not iron although it comes from iron.  It is literally a difference substance that does not work like iron.  No one wants to drive their car over a badly rusted iron bridge, but they are confident that a new iron bridge will not collapse on them.

Ozone is an oxidizer.  In a high ozone environment, an iron object would rust more quickly than normal air.  The primary ingredient of an oxidizer is OXYGEN.  Ozone is OXYGEN in a different form.  Normal breathing oxygen is call O2 (two atoms of oxygen in a molecule).  When normal oxygen is sent through an ozone generator, the O2 is broken up and reformed into O3 (three atoms of oxygen in one molecule).  The third atom of oxygen is loose (unstable), and therefore it ozone is termed reactive.  That third atom will easily discharge, and attach to a potential threat.  When that bond happens, we have oxidation and the compound changed to something else that will not cause an odor.

For the record, ozone is the king of odor removal processes.  It uses up not resources, and it leaves no residue.  Thus, it is a sustainable process that does not pollute.  It is not a nasty chemical that will poison your home or wash down the drain to pollute our streams.  That O3 molecule is unstable, and will always revert to O2 in about 30-60 minutes.  Ozone is part of nature, and seems intended to be a benefit to mankind and nature.  But, the key to its amazing power is that is OXIDIZES many common threats.

Ozone destroys odors at the source so they do not return.  It is one of the world's best sanitizers that will kill bacteria and virus with something that pathogens cannot grow an immunity to ... oxygen!

Ozone will kill mold and mildew as well.  But, there are nay-sayers and detractors who quickly respond that "Ozone is Dangerous" to humans and pets.  Well, ozone is a respiratory irritant.  It will react to the mucus membranes of your nose, throat, and lungs causing coughing spasms and tired lungs if you spend time in an ozone-rich environment.

With that said, ozone treatments have a basic protocol, and that is they are done in vacated areas or buildings.  During treatment, these areas must be free of people and pets.  So, the objection is moot.  But, I imagine that there are treatment instructions for almost every cleaning product.  Some require PPE and dangers of devasting health problems if not used as required.

It is not disloyal to ozone serivces to poin t out that chlorine dioxide (CLO2) is also an OXIDIZER.  CLO2 works in nearly the same manner as ozone delivering extra oxygen to the treated areas.  Chlorine dioxide is not delivered by a generator, like ozone.  It is made in a liquid mixture, and offgasses over a period of hours.  Chlorine dioxide is yellow in color.  When the CLO2 is pushed out into the room, the yellow color disappears.  Average treatments take 4-8 hours, but there is a way to make the process work faster.

When CLO2 is disturbed with what we call "Turbulators", the CLO2 offgasses even faster.  Maybe 60 minutes instead of 6-8 hours without the system.  Therefore, the smart person will use a delivery system that pushes the CLO2 out in 1-2 hours which also means a more intense CLO2 application.  The CLO2 turbulence system will push the CLO2 out of the water in a rapid manner.  You must observe the same protocols of treatments only in vacated areas.

Two big drawbacks of CLO2 is that it is expensive, it has a shelf life for full potency, and ships in diluted form.  This is why many professionals do not favor CLO2, and in fact, ozone is more effective in most cases. However, when it comes to smoke odor, CLO2 is quite effective.  

We have brokered a deal from the best manufacturer of CLO2 for 20 gram tablets that quickly dissolve in water.  Treatments require only a bowl of water, if you are okay with a 4-8 hour treatment.  With the turbulence kit, treatments may be done in 1-2 hours.  They clue to a full treatment is that the yellow color goes out of the water.  When the job is done, you are left with simple water that can be poured down the drain.  Since, we are using ingredients found in nature, there is no concern for residue from the use of CLO2 as a odor removal treatment.

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