Does Ozone Help Reduce Allergy Problems

Hydroxyl GeneratorsMany have found that routine ozone treatments do reduce their allergy problems.  Ozone services see the positive impact many times over as they use ozone to solve problems of mold, odors, and contamination.  

Ozone is a broad-spectrum treatment that works on many levels.  People with pets have used ozone to eliminate the normal pet odors in their home.  Coincidently, they find that their allergy symptoms improve.  This happens so often that it is now commonly accepted that ozone brings relief to allergies.

Paying for someone to come in monthly to perform a simple ozone treatment may not be affordable, so owning an ozone generator may be the next best choice.

It is important to note that allergy problems are followed by a mist or fogging of specific probiotics.  Dust mite allergies are a reaction to the proteins in dust mite feces.  Probiotics work for days after an ozone treatment to digest all kinds of organic problems.  

The two-step process of brief monthly ozone treatments followed by a probiotic mist application has proven to be a huge relief for asthma and allergy sufferers.