The Right Equipment

Best ozone generatorOne of the big mistakes is buying to the hype of Internet promoters.  They want to sell multiple units with huge output, collect the money while promising you easy success.  Well, units over 40,000 mg/hr are expensive, heavy and bulky to haul around, and cause some unforeseen problems.  What a waste of money when you can buy the right equipment with a little guidance from someone who has figured all this out.

An ozone machine is one of several tools you need.  What about hydroxyl generators, chlorine dioxide, essential oils, probiotics, enzymes?  Good ideas, but ozone is still one of the most powerful solutions without introducing more chemicals to the indoor environment.

So you need things like a moisture meter, filter systems, test equipment, and a knowledge of environmental factors that impact indoor air quality.  Is there a need for a black light, and why?  Is there a difference in treating curry odor, skunk smell, pet odor, or cigarette smoke?  Yes there is, and ozone is not the singular solution.  But, each of these problems can be solved.

What money are you missing as an "Ozone Guy"?  How about allergy problems, chemical sensitivities, chronic health issues aggravated by the air quality? 

Are you missing money on every job because you do not know how to diagnose the source of the true problem?  Do you know that odors are a symptom of some hard-to-discover source?  What test equipment allows you to make a more expert diagnosis and apply the best solution?

Our courses are the best way to grow your business and void costly mistakes.  A remediation service can be a great business.  We can improve your success potential.  NOAI has selected the 32G from as the best choice for price and reliability.