The Right Equipment

Vortex fogging systemIntroducing the amazine VORTEX FOGGING SYSTEM (VFS) that is installed in all types of commercial building or workplace.  Instead of weekly or monthly cycles for an intense sanitizing treatment, the VFS will provide a high-effective micro-fine fogging treatment that sanitizes, deodorizes, and detoxifies the building.

The Vortex Fogging System is installed and monitored by trained professionals who will assure a quality sanitizing treatment every night.  By the time your staff, students, patients, or customer arrive in the morning, the entire are has been sanitized (air and surfaces).  

The commitment is a minimum of three months rental.  The option to keep the unit in place will be available at an attractive monthly fee.  This rental is much cheaper than a paid sanitizing service or hiring staff to clean and sanitize each night.  This EPA registered treatment is eco-safe, odorless, and literally improves the indoor air quality of the building.  Since 70% of public buildings have a mild or serious toxic condition, we are solving much more than a disease issue.

Professional Ozone Generators

NOAI promotes the best-designed Professional Ozone Generators that will work for years.  We are pleased to suggest a line of ozone generators that should work at maximum power for 4-5 years with little more than cleaning any dust away if necessary.  Ozone generators are viewed as "Brute Force" equipment that will sanitize. destroy odors, kill mold, and reduce allergy threats.  

We believe that anyone using professional equipment should be trained and certified by the NOAI program.  NOAI will assist in helping our members build and grow their remediation business.

Hydroxyl Generators

When ozone is not a good fit, the smart alternative is to place hydroxyl generators in the facility.  Hydroxyl generators are more of a finesse treatment compared to ozone.  There is no odor and normal activity can continue while the equipment treats the area.  Hydroxyl generators will sanitize the room, detoxify the air, and destroy odors.