The Right Equipment

Infection ControlApply the liquid oxidizer, called Decon Five or the probiotic solution with a powerful and portable backpack system. This unit is light yet durable. The motor can propel the spray 12' to 15' and is adjustable with a valve on the nozzle.

The fogger is propbably your most useful tool for an number of IAQ treatments. Using Decon Five will "Strip the Air" of particle, neutralize VOC, sanitize, kill mold, and destroy odors in every part of the building.

The attached hose allows ease of use and ability to reach high and low areas. Easy to fill and empy.  

110 VAC weighing about 10 pounds.  Easily straps on the back for excellent mobility.

We have a limited supply of this 10 liter backpack units at this price.

Price:  Sale Price: $395 includes shipping to U.S. addresses