IAQ Service will Expand your Service

For those of you jumping into the sanitizing business, you need to realize that the current urgency is going to fade.  And companies will bring the sanitizing service in-house. 

I recommend looking at an issue that include infection control but has FIVE other critical benefits that are impacting buildings in every city.  We are testing more and more buildings in addition to quoting on sanitizing to find that the majority have pre-existing indoor qir quality issues.  Statistically, over 70% of building have one or more IAQ problems, and infection prevention treatments are only the latest environmental problem in the building.

For those in the odor removal services with ozone treatment, air duct cleaning, HVAC business, or sanitizing services; do not overlook the other serious threats in the building.

COVID-19 is a serious threat to any building.  It is a fast-moving, dangerous virus.  However, there are other life-impacting health threats in many buildings.  These issues may not kill you today, but they will kill many people over time.  Toxic buildings are silent killers.  Exposure to these sick and toxic buildings slice years off the life of people who do not feel the impact until their later years.

Testing for sick and toxic building is very simple ... if you have the equipment.  Most important is a quality is of the IAQ meter.  We have tried several that were unrelible.  So, we asked for something better and very reliable  to include in our IAQ business package.  

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