Five Way Sanitized for your Cleaning Service

Five Way Sanitized

Cleaning Services MarketingYou may remember the days of Scotchguard.  This was a spray application applied to clothing, furniture, and carpet to prevent these items from getting quickly resoiled.  

I owned a carpet and furniture cleaning business years ago, and we added Scotchguard to our process to boost income and hopefully improve the job.  We did not need to change the company name or sign up for franchise.  We needed just one piece of equipment nd the product to offer the service.  Scotchguard was the perfect addon to the carpet and furniture cleaning service.

Five Way Sanitizing is an addon service as well.  No need to change the company name or pay franchise fee.  Just take the training, use a ULV fogger, and have the product.  

Five Way Sanitized is an exciting marketing concept that instantly increases your companies value and blows out the competition.  Messaging is always important, and Five Way Sanitized can be explained in about 15 seconds by simple pointing at the logo we have developed.

The public value is also pretty obvious.  When the Five Way Sanitized in on the customer's door, their is instant value and confidence that this building is safeguarded by more than a worker with a rag and a bucket of bleach water.

This is an excellent marketing concept.  If you visit the website, you will quickly see that there isn't any hype.  There is a crisp and clear message that people and understand.  All you need to do in that 15 seconds of customer attention is to say, "Other sanitizing company offer ONE BENEFIT, which is sanitizing.  Our Five Way Sanitized service offer FIVE BENEFITS that not only sanitize your building, but makes it a Green and healthy building for you and your workers.  While other services may be adding chemicals may be harmful or toxic to kill germs, our process will actually make your building and your worker healthy as well as sanitize it."

Simple right?  As COVID-19 fades in urgency, you need to assert the value and superiority of your service.  Messaging is very important.  COVID-19 was bad, but there is another HUGE PROBLEM in schools, offices, stores, public buildings, and even homes.  They are often toxic and polluted.  In fact, the more people try to clean the building; the more toxic they may be.  The cleaning products are often chemical brews that leave residue and fumes behind.   

Sanitizing is now a much higher requirement for any building, but the urgency is going to fade.  Shift to a very real concern that every building owner should address.  COVID-19 may cause a lot of sickness and kill a few.  Sick and toxic building affects everyone.  The immediate effects are real, but the long-term impact is shorter lifespan, increased disease, and daily suffering.

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