Four letter Domain for Sale

Buy four letter domainWe have a great deal that is kind of rare.  A powerful four-letter domain that is also a .com.  This is a great acronym that we used for Business Builder Forum, but you can come up with your own application, or use this as a redirect site.  

Everyone knows the memory value of a domain is really helpful. is super-easy to remember and it doesn't even have to match your company name.  Just make a catchphrase like "Better Buys for Motors", "Business Buster Forum", or "Buy Boats Marine"

A powerful domain is the starting point for any powerful business site.  You could struggle to find a .com domain, like or something wrestled to fit your company like  But, who remembers that, or can read it on a billboard? is memorable and easy to promote.  In fact, it surprises people that you have such a cool domain name.  

And, here's a trick, if your current website is well-established and you hate to leave it for a new name, just redirect to connect to your site.  This is a powerful concept to your marketing effort.  

When you have a .com with a memorable four-letter domain, people remember it even when they don't remember your company name.  Imaging advertising or a billboard with a Power-phrase that provokes curiosity with in huge, bold letters.  Visit: