We Provide Everything You need - You Provide Energy

Yes, we could offer a $20,000 franchise program, but we prefer to offer an Easier Path to your success:

  • Certified Ozone Technician course & Certification  ....   $149
  • IAQ Specialist Training & Certification   ....   $395
  • Two professional ozone generators     .....   $800
  • A professional ULV fogger   ........    $250
  • IAQ Test Meter    .........     $300
  • Moisture probe   .........  $50
  • Your own FWS website   ......   $750
  • Monthly SEO and promotion of your site ....   $600
  • Listing on our national FWS website with lead generation*
  • Contracts, brochures, marketing materials    ...  $100
  • Twenty Sanitized Door seals and use of the logo   ....   $250
  • Special video for your company for marketing and publication    ..... $120
  • 90 Day Action Plan is how we guide you to your own type of success.  It is never the exact same path, so we coach you and show you how to map out your own success path using our insights, experience, and guidance.   ....   $480

Total   ..... $4244

(Package Price is $2750) 

​We already know what you will need.  The basics seem to apply to everyone.  The applications will differ.  And every time you are not prepared, you are losing money.  

* Actual lead generation services are outsourced and come with a fee.  But, we can show you how that you can start generating our own leads.  We know that good lead generation happens gradually, so purchased leads should be a short-term cost.