Green Product Certification for Green Products

Green Product CertificationWe are proud to say that the Green Clean Institute receives a great deal of monthly traffic, and this allows our members to find training and green certified products.  To enhance the exposure of our Green product certification, we have launched an exclusive website dedicated to the certified products of our customers.  While the Green Clean Institute does not sell or offer products. GCI acts as an independent, third party Green certification services.

For more than twenty years, the Green Clean Institute has served the janitorial industry with training and support.  Part of that support is in response to the constant misrepresentation of products and cleaning firms to make Green and Sustainable claims.  The Green Clean Institute uses unbiased auditors who actually review the advertised claims of a Green or Eco-safe product.  It is a simple and common practice for companies to boldly represent their products as Green, eco-friendly, organic, natural, sustainable, or eco-safe because their are no laws or exact definition for these terms.

The Green Clean Institute also conducts a review of the documentation, previous research or studies, and declarations for the products or services submitted for review.  Finally, ingredients are are compared to known lists of dangerous ingredients posted by EPA , OSHA, CERLA, and SARA