Five Reasons Hotels Shouldn't Buy an Ozone Generator

Hotels are very concerned for the impression and safety of their facilities, and they are very willing to step up when they find an idea that really works.   Many hotels have heard that ozone clears out odors, sanitizes the room, and even kills the bugs that guests hate.  Often, a manager of a hotel reads an article like this one or has actually hired an odor removal service using ozone.  It doesn't take long before he considers buying an ozone machine and cutting our the middle man.

This is a mistake on several levels.  Hotels need to know that every machine they acquire has a liability risk that is made worse by unskilled workers trying to do what a professionally trained service can do better.  We offer five reasons that hotels should not buy an ozone generator:

  1. Untrained and worker rotation means that the INSTRUCTIONS may be ignored and damage many ensue.
  2. Size matters.  Buying the wrong machine, applying the wrong levels, or doing so for the wrong period of time will cause problems.
  3. All ozone machines has a "Duty Cycle" that requires routine maintenance by someone who know the equipment.
  4. A big investment that may turn into a dust collector in your closet.
  5. Room application is not enough.  In many cases, best practices call for multiple machines in a larger area.

Get the best advice from All Ozone Generators on the purchase of a hotel ozone generator.  Each ozone generator comes with the training and equipment needed to operate an ozoen generator properly and safely.  Every ozone machine has inherent liabilities that happen when they are used by unskilled people.   If a ladder is a known liability that requires some safety training, what do you think an ozone machine requires.

Hotels and motels must be astutely aware that  liabilities that come from workers, equipment, and mistakes that should have been avoided.  Also, hotels worker are not generally long-term employees.  This means that the job of using an ozone generator can present some serious consequences.

A professional ozone technician needs to know how to apply ozone in a safe manner.  It should be pointed out that ozone is not a dangerous chemical.  It is an enriched form of oxygen, but here are some of the things that can go wrong.

  • Defective equipment may cause overheating, under-delivery, or not work at all.
  • Bleaching of carpet and furniture
  • Erection of barriers and seal off areas
  • The calculations required for proper ozone application
  • The extra processes needed for the job
  • Pest control parameters
  • The "Window of Opportunity" for assured results.
  • The detrimental affects of temperature and humidity
  • Ventilation and decay rates when using ozone

It is not as easy as turning on a switch, and it is a huge disservice for anyone to sell or rent an ozone machine without offering training and or supervision of the workers involved.

Hotels, motels, restaurants, and bars are advised to work with a local Certified Ozone Technician.  For one thing, they are trained, licensed, and insured to do the job right.  They know how to maintain the equipment, how much equipment to use, and the pitfalls to avoid.  The price for renting or leasing the machines from a local ozone service is far less than buying a machine, and the repairs are covered under the lease.

At the very least, have your staff take the basic training course offered to in-house maintenance who handle the ozone equipment.  There are liabilities to worry about when ozone is poorly introduced.  That is why professionals carry liability insurance.  It isn't as simple as turning on a vacuum cleaner.   See:  In-house Ozone Safety Training.

Every complaint, problem, and customer issue comes from misapplication of the ozone.  Why risk that?  Minimize risk, get a great result from the service, and avoid any customer problems by working with a professional.  Find the NOAI Odor and Sanitizing Directory to locate a professional ozone service in your area.  Ask for their Certified Ozone Technician credential before hiring them.