How to Find the Best Ozone Generator

certified ozone generator

When it comes to purchasing an ozone generator, there are a lot of important questions to ask.  Let's ask a few of the questions that might be important to determine the best choice for an ozone generator purchase?

  1. Is the unit made in the United States?  More importantly, are parts and services available in the United States?  It is costly and nearly impossible to get any equipment repaired if it must be sent off-shore and the cost of shipping can be more than the value of the unit.
  2. A built-in timer should be an obvious.  One of the biggest mistake the untrained, and a number of professionals, make is running the ozone generator too long.
  3. Field repairability.  Most ozone generators will need some maintenance every few years.  So, it is best that the ozone generator is easy to repair and part replacement is simple.
  4. Don't "Go Big" unless your service does large jobs.  We still believe the "Sweet Spot" is around the 30,000 mg/hr.  The 15/30G Maxx from all ozone switches between 15,000 to 30,000 mg/hr is the best all-around size for 95% of treatments.  Remember to cycle in shorter treatments of 1-4 hours until the problem is solved.
  5. Size, weight, and construction is a factor.  No one like hauling around heavy, bulky ozone generators.  The case needs to be durable.  The size should be easy to transport.
  6. Watch out for ozone generators in the 500 to 5,000 mg/hr range.  These are typically cheap system built in China that are underpowered.  

While there are a few ozone generators that fit the above guideline, check out for one of the recommended and approved ozone generator.  This unit hits the target at each level and is priced as an excellent value.  

Do not put great faith in the over-hype ozone machines shown on YouTube.  Too often the hype does not live up to the boast, and the support is lacking.   IAQ