How to Use Ozone to Remove Odors from Cars & Trucks

If you spend a lot of time in a car, you will discover that your car has a smell, not a good one!  There is a lot that goes into a smelly car.  Food and drinks are a big part of the problem.  Have you ever left some fast-food in the car for more than a day?  You will immediately recognize your mistake the next day.  And, the smell may linger for weeks.

People smoke in their cars, eat in their cars, sweat and pass gas in their cars.  How about those gym bags that have been in the back seat long enough to grow mold? Of course, the family pets will bring yet another layer to the odor problem.

Though a smaller area than a house or car, vehicles are odor traps.  Starting with the headliner, most cars have soft materials that collect and hold smells.  The vents in your car can hold dust, debris, and odors that you smell each time you go from heat to AC.

Of course, the ready answer is to buy air fresheners that will mask, not remove, the odor.  If air fresheners actually removed the odors, you would never need to use them but one time.

So, here is how you solve the odor problem for your car or truck.  Always start with cleaning the car and collecting the stuff that is hiding under the seats.  While you are at it, clean the hard surfaces to remove grime.

Place the unit inside the car for 12-30 minutes.  Leave the car running with the AC on full blast.  It is a classic mistake make popular by YouTube promoters to place the unit outside the car.  High heat and humidity reduce the ozone output and will shorten the life of your ozone generator.

Do not try to solve the problem in one session.  Odors were embedded in layers, and they seem to resolve in layers.  So, treat the car or truck as described and give it a few days before the next treatment.  You will know when you can end the treatments, but do this once a month to keep your vehicle fresh.

Finally, uses a specially-designed probiotic in a spray bottle to treat all surfaces.  Probiotics work for three days after the treatment to eat away at the source of most odors.

If you follow these three steps (1) Clean the car first, (2) Ozone in cycles, and (3) treat with probiotics; you will be able to completely eliminate 98% of all odors and enjoy driving again.