The Hydroxyl Generator Double Punch

Although I am not a golfer or even a duffer, I know that there are several clubs needed to properly play the game.  And a mechanic needs a variety of tools to do his job.  When it comes to hydrogen generators used to sanitize an area, room odors, or detoxify the building, professionals will often combine tools to achieve the double punch that brings greater results.

To get optimum results, we always start with the basic chore of cleaning.  Then, we either apply an ozone treatment or fogging treatment with Decon Five.

We look at the sanitizing process in two parts: surface and the air.  Ozone or fogging with Decon Five is able to treat all surfaces.  The hydroxyl generator has two additional aspects.  Hydroxyl treats the air and does this task 24 hours a day.  This creates a continuous sanitizing process that isn't found in any other treatment.

Making the hydroxyl generator part of the maintenance cycle is a powerful idea.  No amount of cleaning of surfaces will maintain the air.  Traditionally, it is important to increase the frequency fo cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces during an infectious disease cycle.

So, the immediate sanitizing happens with an ozone treatment or a fogging of Decon Five.  We follow with a weekly hydroxyl treatment to treat the air to sanitize the air after the major treatment is done.  Preferably, the customer agrees to rent or lease the hydroxyl generator so the maintenance program is at its maximum between the monthly treatments.  Weekly cycles are good, and daily operation is better.

Every other sanitizing process is an immediate solution that must be repeated as often as possible to provide a safe area, but these processes are actually 100% surface sanitizing.  This is good and necessary, but we now know that the coronavirus is actively transferred in the air.  This virus can stay active in the air for hours.  The typical sanitizing program has no impact on the airborne threats ... except the use of hydroxyl generators.  

This is why NOAI has been advocating for a two-levels of treatments that other systems cannot solve.