IAQ for Sick Buildings

Things are changing.  For some, that is bad.  For others, change is good.  But we must be able to ride the wave or get swamped in the process.  I am working to create a great model for our member.  We have gone through various products, logo designs, and a great deal of thought.  I appreciate that most of our members have moved with us through this evolution.  We are at the "Ready to Go to Market" point now.

FIVE WAY SANITIZED is purposely meant to evoke a comparison between the FIVE BENEFITS your service offers, with a sixth as 5 days of inhibiting protection.  The doorseal to the right literally tells the story for you.  If you do not have a story to tell and a big reason for the customer to choose your service, your marketing will probably have disappointing results.  FIVE WAY SANITIZED is the brand that gives your service an edge.

Five Way Sanitizing

As others jump into the sanitizing business, the smart people are already moving upstream.  I want to lead those of you who see the future to step up to a superior platform as IAQ Specialists.  To help, I have laid out the easiest path to make this happen.  With a minimal investment, you can outpace the competition by offering 5 or 6 benefits from your service instead of just one. 

Check out the chart that relates to IAQ meter testing.  When the meter shows the real numbers, the deal is all but certain going in your favor.  

Everything you will need is available for just $395, and you will discover that you have a powerful way to impress and win customers.  When you can literally show the customer the real condition of the building, they are impressed.  We have a superior sanitizing program that solves the other problems in the building. 

Here's what is includes:  Formaldehyde (HCHO) Detector with TVOC levels. 
                                           Graphing for longer period levels testing or histogram
                                           Air Pollution Sensor, Humidity and Temperature Levels

                                                     No need for a separate particle meter  -  This system reads PM 2.5 (mold spores) and PM 10 (dust & pollen)

  • VOC Meter and Particle MeterIAQ Specialist course & IAQ Marketing guide
  • Markerting materials 
  • Doorseal logo for treated buildings
  • A good particle meter 
  • A VOC Meter 
  • A digital moisture probe 
  • Series of coaching videos

SOLD SEPARATELY:  This next generation meter is what we consider Best-in-Class for the under $400 range.  Price $250 +SH

$250 plus $12 shipping for the IAQ meter only, or included in $395 package


Moisture probeThe moisture probe is used less often, but I find it very helpful in locating problem areas.  I always have one with me when I am doing odor or IAQ assessments.  I don't use it all the time, but when you need it, it is more than helpful.  Diagnosing building problems are often tied to moisture issues.

The key to enlarging this market and outpacing the competition is to get the message out that COVID-19 is the tip of the health iceberg, and there is more to the problem than the latest infection going around.


$395 for the IAQ Specialist package, or add a case of Decon Five for $550


Two Options


IAQOther sanitizing services are beneficial at the time of application.  A Few offer lasting protection that you will learn is applicable to bacteria and not proven for virus.  

A VOC meter does not measure infectious disease, but shows the toxic level of the building.  We already know that diseases are an ongoing threat.  We building on the EPA registration that shows that Decon Five is a highly-effective sanitizer and disinfection.

But, there is more!  A lot more than every building needs.  A sick building and a healthy building may look the same, but a particle meter and a VOC meter readings are a clue that the building is in trouble, and many sanitizing products, like bleach, actually make things worse by destroying the natural defenses (probiotics), poisoning the air (IAQ), and offering only a few hours of protection.

Finally, after everything I have seen as sanitizing services, I believe that we already had the best solutions in our hands, but were caught in the confused rush to find something better.  I feel that it is not about an urgency to sanitize that is the answer.  It is whether the building is sick or healthy.  Sick buildings make people sick, and healthy buildings enable healthy people to stay healthy.

I recommend that we raise a standard that is higher than a cleaning or sanitizing service.  As an IAQ Specialist, you have the high ground and a message that resonates.  Again, why pay the labor costs or hire a service that just sanitizes a building, when the same money can solve the infectious threat and the latent "Sick Building" issues as well?