IAQ Expert Course

IAQ TrainingI started into my business using ozone and treating odors.  I gradually saw the need to do more than treat odors.  As an aspiring professional with hopes of building a very profitable business, I tried all types of products.  I even dared talk to dozens of the more successful people in the industry.  I discovered that a lot of the hype on the Internet was only partially true and heavily weighted with hype.  Ozone generator promoters promise anything to sell their machines, and offered little more than a leaflet to help their customers get started.

As a trainer for many years, I collected the best information for the most successful guys in the business.  I also collected the best studies and reports on the subject.  We formed the National Ozone Association with a board of real remediation people with years of experience.  We produced the Certified Ozone Technician course and revised it year by year.  

But, odors and ozone is a small segment of the larger industry called Indoor Air Quality.  There is an eco-environment in every building that may be invisible but has huge implications on lifestyle and long-term health.  Yes, odors are the more objectable aspect we may encounter, but there is so much more.

There are particulates from many sources including mold spores.  There are bacteria and viruses.  Then are a great variety of contaminants and pollutants.  We are told that indoor air can often be five times more polluted than the outside air.  Commercial buildings and homes are closed systems that recycle the same air, though filtered, throughout building day-after-day.  If you are astute enough to see the immense opportunity here, you might want to take our IAQ Specialist course.

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Expand Your Expertise and Your Profits as an IAQ Specialist  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This course includes the common health concerns that are part of the Indoor Air Quality.  The air is the shared medium that may bring a myriad of health threats to homes, offices, schools, medical facilities, gyms, and businesses.

We consider the Indoor Air Quality our base subject for all other courses.  There are a lot of basics about indoor air quality (IAQ) that you must seriously master.  As your business grows, so will the unique and problematic issues you encounter.  The Fresh Air Expert course provides a good foundation for the types of indoor issues you may face and the solutions that you should know about.  This course is helpful to anyone doing duct cleaning, mold remediation, allergy abatement, biohazard, and odor removal.  

There is just so much information we choose to pack into one course.  And, learning is progressive.  Therefore, the Fresh Air Expert is the basis for mastering key elements found in everyday life. The more specific courses we offer anticipate that you have a knowledge of filter types, HVAC systems, and how to treat various types of indoor threats.  

The Indoor Air Specialist course is 100% online with an exam.  Upon completion, we will mail you a professional certificate.