Improve Ozone Odor Removal

Ozone is a great way to remove odors.  And while some may choose to ignore odd odors, the sense of smell is actually a powerful influence on our perceptions, choices, and attraction.  Smell is in fact a primal sense, and we use our sense of smell far more than anyone might imagine.  

After more than a decade of using ozone to treat odors, we found that there is an easy way to improve the overall performance of the treatment.  

Odors have a source.  They do not happen independently.  There is often an organic source that produced the odor.  While ozone can neutralize the problem, the residue may remain.  Over time, the concern is the residue may once again produce the odor.  

Think of pet urine.  Ozone is often used to neutralize the pet or pet urine smell.  The urine is not just what you can see.  It has gone deep into the carpet, carpet backing, padding, and subfloor.  Unfortunately, ozone can clear the room of the worst of the problem, but the deeply embedded urine deposit can cause the odor to return, though not as bad.

Professionals use a liquid product that acts as digesters.  Digesters are liquid mixed in water.  They can be sprayed, fogged, or poured anywhere.  Digesters are enzymes or probiotics that literally eat away the organic deposits.  So, while the ozone neutralizes the most serious odor problem and can neutralize the odor source, the residue may still remain.  Probiotics work for a longer cycle and insure that odors are not only neutralized the ozone but literally destroyed at the source.

Use a spray bottle or fogger to treat larger areas with the probiotic mixture, or saturate pet stain areas with the probiotic mix, let it work for 10-15 minute and wet vac out the excess water.