Indoor Air Quality Testing

indoor air qualityIs there a need to bring in an indoor air testing specialist?  As an indoor air quality specialist, I have seen a rather consistent pattern when we go into so many homes.  It is the unfortunate circumstance of years of ignoring the core issues that affect their lives.  The tendency is to take so many incidental items for granted until they become a problem.

A good illustration is our diet.  We can ignore our caloric intake, sugar content, amount of salt, or strange additives .... until our health or weight is out of control.  Then, we start looking for a quick fix to solve years of neglect.  As you might guess, waiting for the storm to hit is not the best time to put plywood over your windows.

I am one of those people who never fills my gas tank until the needle shows near empty.  My wife will fill her tank when it goes below half full.  I'd like to say that I have never run out of gas, but it has happened.  On multiple occasions, I have pulled into the gas station "running on fumes"  I do not know why I do this, but I will admit that it isn't the smartest habit I have practiced for decades.

I have performed a great number of indoor air quality tests.  These tests either eliminated a possible cause of health problems or gave us a huge clue about a real threat that is making life difficult for workers or family members.  

Most often the call comes in as a concern for a mold problem in the house (seen or unseen), but someone in the workplace or home is struggling with health issues.  The most logical conclusion is that there is a dangerous mold in the house.  Well, my experience is that our tests often find mold, but about 30% of homes and commercial buildings have a different kind of indoor air quality (IAQ) problem.

Like medical tests performed on a body, indoor air tests for a house or building reveals the cause of health issues that are impacting the more vulnerable people in the building.  And, many of the threats are fairly simple to resolve.  There are ready solutions that can solve short-term or long-term issues.  But, until the indoor air quality tests are performed, everyone is guessing at the problem and air quality issues can invisible to the best of us until the meters and lab results reveal the probable cause of the health issue.

For those who offer professional home and building services, NOAI has several professional training programs that can qualify your service to perform the key tests and evaluations that can greatly benefit families and businesses in your community.