Infection Control Specialist

It has taken a considerable effort to put together the next ERS specialty course.  Infection Control Specialist is finally ready for those who want to get hold of what we expect to be an incredibly profitable market.  Instead of $150-$400 jobs, it is entirely possible to bring in $5000 and $10,000 plus jobs with infection prevention and infection control.  This is not a medical course, but a infection treatment course that teaches you the basics you need to know about infectious disease. 

Anyone with a slight interest will find an increasing velocity of articles about the problems faced by CDC and the medical world.  Beyond the normal diseases of our day, we are watching the rise of superbugs or drug-resistant bacteria.  We are also seeing new versions of virus such at N7H9 that are claiming more lives than the public knows.  We also know that we have the best tools in the industry to neutralize infectious diseases.  

The challenge you face it positioning yourself ahead of this exploding market.  When diseases like MRSA, CRE, E Coli, or even the flu hit; there are very few bureaucratic barriers.  They want the job done, and they want it done now.  So, the effort you make of getting know as the solution to infectious diseases is very important to the big payday.

By encouraging proactive infection control is the smart action to take.  Because of our intense reliance on medicine to cure all ills, we have neglected the first protocol of sanitizing.  Instead, we have relaxed a bit to believe that a good cleaning is as good as a true sanitizing effort.  

As medical solutions run out, and CRE now resists our "Drug of Last Resort", we are in need of something better than bleach water.  We are pleased to invite you to consider the Infection Control Specialist course.