Allergy & Toxic Building Specialist

Allergy Safe Office - Allergy Safe HomeThere is a sizable segment of society that is not divided by gender, age, race, or religion.  Millions of people suffer from reactive illnesses that are aggravated by external threats.  Over the years, our remediation services are constantly getting calls from people who are asking if there is toxic mold in their homes. Of the mold inspections, some 30% do not have serious mold issues, but testing shows that there are toxic conditions that are causing their health problems.

The National Ozone Association and Axis Training Center have completed a major project to offer a new certification program called, "Allergy and Toxic Building Specialist".

As the COVID-19 pandemic is finally resolved by a vaccine or herd immunity, the urgency for sanitizing will wane.  At that time, remediation services will see a drop in sanitizing jobs and will need to refocus their efforts on other health-harming environmental threats.  We have fantastic solutions that not only sanitize the building but removes the triggers to health vulnerabilities of countless people everywhere.

Allergies are actually a catchall concept.  Asthma is a more defined ailment, but allergies cover a huge expanse of issues.

This comprehensive course is a 30-hour comprehensive course offered 100% online with test and certification.

WE RECOMMEND this course to remediation specialists, those who work with allergies, MCS, and respiratory problems like COPD, asthma, and chronic diseases.