Is Chlorine Dioxide Safe?

We have used chlorine dioxide (CLO2) many times.  We have used the stabilized liquid for spraying, and the non-stabilized tablets in trays.  Basically, chlorine dioxide works, and it is a rival to ozone.  So, the comparisons made here are meant as helpful information, not to slam one or the other.  Ozone and chlorine dioxide are both considered "Oxidizers".  That means both produce available oxygen atoms into the air or spray to oxidize the target threats.  Like iron turns to rust, the new compound is converted to a new molecular form which are almost always less a threat.  The exception is that VOCs are not neutralized, and may be made worse.

Chlorine dioxide treats odors, mold, and kills germs.  But, it should be used with caution as the product can potentially discolor some goods if the exposure is excessive. And, using chlorine dioxide requires important protection from exposure during the application.  It is pretty much neutral after the treatment and airing-out of the area.  Similar warnings apply to the use of ozone.  Therefore, ozone and chlorine dioxide should be applied by a knowledgable or trained person.

If you are considering using chlorine dioxide as a business, be very wary of promoters who promise much and ask for a sizable investment.  Chlorine dioxide is cheap to buy and anyone can buy this product online.  So, why are people going to pay you good money to do what another can do or they can do themselves?  This is a very big pitfall for your new business.  When a regular customer figures out what you are doing, they go to the Internet and find out where to buy the product and you are kicked to the curb.

We recommend that a chlorine dioxide is a tool you may use, but do not build a business on a concept so easily duplicated.  A good business offers something unique and valuable.  The more advanced your service is, the harder it is to duplicate.  If anyone can buy what you offer online, you're going to regret making this the centerpiece of your business.  We suggest three powerful tools as the core of what you offer: ozone, Decon Five, and XytoFresh.  When you combine a layered approach to your service, your jobs will be more successful, profitable, and the competition will not steal clients by cutting prices with something they can get off the Internet.