The World's Largest Ozone Generator

World's Largest Ozone Generator

Ozone is a critical and and important part of nature.  Regardless of zealous hype-mongers, ozone is an incredible friend to life on earth.  In the stratosphere, oxygen intercepts the harmful UV rays of the sun making the ozone layer.  Without it, we would suffer skin and eye damage and vegetation would shrivel.  Down at the earth level, ozone is how nature neutralizes pollution and sanitizes our world.  Did you know that the average lightning storm produces 209 tons of ozone accounting for that fresh smell we all enjoy after the storm has passed?

We use ozone to sanitize the water in municipal water plants, aquariums, and pools.  Industry uses ozone to sanitize fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, and poultry.  Your dentist may use ozone to remove decay and plaque from your teeth.  The local sewage treatment plant may miz ozone into the exhaust air so you do not have a foul wind blowing your way.

In Venuzuela, we will find the largest ozone generator in the world, but it is not man-made.  The the Catatumbo River basin where the river empties into Lake Maracaibo, the basic is surrounded by three mountains forming this unique eco-phenomenon.   

Almost every day as the evening closes out, there is an amazing lightning show.  This happens almost 200 times a year as the light strobes with blue light 260 times an hour.  The light show lasts on average about ten hour as lightning streaks across the sky more than 20,000 times.  It is called the Catatumbo Everlasting Lightning, and it is a wonder to behold.

This is nature at work, and this may be part of the reason that airborne pollution is constantly eroded by this marverlous process.  Nature has a great way to renewing our planet.  As the prevailing winds move dirty air from city to be re-oxygenated by forest, sweep of particulate by the broom of billions of leaves, and sent on to the next population center; the earth is doing its job.  Forests are important to our live, but so is the rain that washes it and the lightningpmanufactured ozone that neutralizes the pollution.

Do not be confused about ozone.  It is definitely our friend, and should be valued along with rain and sunlight.  Did you know that ozone alert days means that ozone is at high levels?  But, why?  The sunlight mixes with the Earth's oxygen to make ozone at ground level.  It is a cleanser and a neutralizing force actually combating the pollution in our air.  It is fighting a war for our health.  When ozone is at high levels, people with breathing problems will experience respiratory irritation, and that is unfortunate.  But, do not ask for ozone to go away.  We need it to do what it does as it uses the power of an oxygen atom to oxide and neutralize pollution.

But, when the sun goes down, ozone disappears.  Ozone is three atoms of oxygen (O3) that revert back to normal oxygen (O2) in about thirty minutes.  How amazing, and how nice that ozone cleans up our mess then becomes the air we breathe.

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