Mario Bartiromo Talks about Classroom Air Treatment

MariaWhile so many people, including IAQ professionals, are wondering how to reach into the explosive market created by COVID-19, Maria recently interviewed the CEO of Delos about their efforts to treat shool classrooms.  Delos makes a variety of air filtration systems, and have placed 100,000 of their air filtration units into classrooms.  This is commendable, and a good step forward in a safer workplace, store, daycare, or school.

Disease is spread by direct and indirect methods.  Filtering the air with good HEPA filters is a positive step.  Cleaning and sanitizing is a good practice as well.  Mask wearing and hand washing is also helpful to minimize the spread of disease.  A more comprehensive plan is needed in what medical experts expect with be a reoccurring health problem.

To all of the professional services that follow our training and information, we like HEPA filters as part of the overall strategy.  We like carbon filters to reduce toxic conditions in any building.  These are fundamental tools, but should not be viewed as a cure-all.  They are definitely a PART of the overall PLAN.  NOAI offers a IAQ Specialist course that addresses the many concerns for health and indoor air quality (IAQ).

The nightly cleaning service is also a part of the constant duties to maintain a building.  But, view cleaning and filtration as the basic chores that extend the value of a serious or professional sanitizing service.  The NOAI Network of professional services use trained and seasoned service professionals who know that indoor air issues are not a one-step solution.  Toxic building that impact those with allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, and chronic illnesses require more than cleaning and air filters.  In fact, some cleaning products make the condition even worse.

Hence the need for more innovative and intense solutions that profoundly destroy pathogens, allergens, and toxicity at the source.  These services may include the use of ozone, hyrdoxyls, fogging, and specialty cleaning.  

While we commend the singular steps to improve the indoor air quality, prevent the spread of disease, and maintain cleanliness, COVID-19 showed us how ill-prepared we were for a serious and fast-spreading disease.  It should be apparent by now that there is a need for a professional service to bring a holistic plan that might include better cleaning products, air filters, and an infection control process that transcends COVID-19 (a virus disease), MRSA (a bacterial disease), toxic conditions (an environmental issue), particulates (an allergy and asthma threat), and whatever makes living conditions a threat to health.