What is Medical Ozone?

Medical ozoneThere is a difference between medical ozone compared to the typical ozone used to treat environmental problems in homes and offices.  Typical ozone used by service companies convert ozone from normal air using high-output systems.  

Medial ozone requires a pure form of oxygen.  So the process starts with an oxygen concentrator or tank of pure oxygen.  This pure oxygen is sent through a form of plasma ozone generator.  Plasma ozone does not expose the metallic element to the ozone, but places the metallic electrodes behind glass.  Plasma ozone eliminates and metallic contamination that may not be a problem for a building, but isn't good for medical treatment.

Plasma ozone cannot produce the volume of ozone that a typical, non-plasma ozone generator provides to perform odor removal, mold kill, or sanitize.  

Medical ozone equipment produces small quantities of high-purity ozone that is being used by a variety of medical applications.  Dentists and some medical doctors currently use ozone in highly specialized treatments.  Frankly, the use of medical ozone in the United States has been very limited since it is not a pharmaceutical treatment.

Medical ozone is very well known in other parts of the world.  Germany has made huge strides in curative use of medical ozone.  The same is true of Canada, France, Italy, Israel, India, Africa, China, Latin America, and Australia.  Why medical ozone is not more accepted in America seems to be the suppression of a non-pharmaceutical solution.