NOAI & ERSAI Membership & Renewal

TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, and MEMBERSHIP: As we move into 2018, we have something new.  Choose to take our Certification for Ozone Training, Join and get Membership Benefits, or both.  This makes getting off to a good start very affordable.  So, here's the deal.  Join the monthly subscription, and get the following: (Password Access)
  - NEW in 2018:  We include a download document "Best Practices for Ozone Remediation" from the National Ozone Association
    that covers the critical protocols for professional ozone treatments.
  - Discounts on ozone generators and important products
  - Get the Certified Ozone Technician for $79 instead of the normal $99
  - Get Advanced Courses for $50 instead of $75
  - Take $100 off the two-day training live Advanced Certification and Protocol to boost your business success.
  - Get free call-in support for your questions


NOAI and ERSAI are two sides of the same membership program.  ERSAI extends our connection to more service-type support program to other remediation-type businesses.  We see the common ground of "Remediation and Mitigation" services as a growing industry in need of shared information and business support.  Many are adding ozone to their working tools, and we encourage remediation services to help us build a respected industry of professional service providers.

FIRM MEMBERSHIP: If your are a firm with multiple workers, take advantage of our Ozone Certified Firm for up to five workers who can take our training. Choose monthly, quarterly, or annual payment for a year of membership. (Password Access)   Includes both NOAI and ERSAI.

  - Discounts on ozone generators and important products
  - Includes the Certified Ozone Technician for up to five workers
  - Get Advanced Courses for $50 instead of $75
  - Get our monthly news letter as you building your business
  - Get free call-in support for your questions
$250/yr up to five training