The Mission of National Ozone Association

While most ozone websites are promoting their products, the National Ozone Association was started by a dozen well-proven ozone service experts who saw the need for an organization that could eventually set standards and form a network of professional remediation services.  Misinformation was rampant, and equipment was often garage-built machines in toolboxes.

More than ten years ago, we referred to the industry as "The Wild West of Ozone".  Information was as scattered and contradictory as promises by politicians at election time.  And, the reputation of any good service provider was often impacted by the less-than-professional who bought a few ozone generators any training.  

The National Ozone Association's first mission is education and support to drive remediation services to a higher level of competence and success.  The Certified Ozone Technician is the initial course for most of our members.  We believe that our broad scope of service in actually indoor air quality (IAQ), so we have advanced courses on Allergy & Toxic Building Specialist, Mold Inspection and Remediation, and Infection Prevention.

And while ozone was the primary treatment for our professional services, the fundamental principle is oxidation.  We, therefore, include more than ozone as a gas.  We now train for liquid oxidizers, hydroxyl generators, and even advanced filtration systems.  

The goal is to present and promote the best tools and products to advance the goal of "Healthy Buildings for Healthy".  Healthy buildings for health people have become our default mission or goal rather than the particular tool or product that a service provider might employ.

The National Ozone Association is the premier organization for training and certification for oxidative and remediation services and products.  NOAI has developed the Standards and Protocols for Ozone Remediation Services, provides the most-respected certifications as an independent national organization.

While of initial goal was developing a quality training and certification program and form a network of professional services, we have come to realize that the ultimate goal is the impact our professionals have on the lives of the people we serve.  Our service providers solve indoor environmental problems that go well beyond cleaning and maintenance.  We offer specialty services that solve indoor air quality threats that require a higher level of professionalism.