Reach over 8000 Visitors Per month

As we contemplate the revision of the website, we want it to be a fantastic resource.  As you see from the StatCounter, reached more than 8000 visitors last quarter and had more than 13,000 page loads.  This is not an accident.  People want to know about ozone, and how ozone can help them with the environmental issues that we all face every day.

Ozone is an extremely under-appreciated concept and very poorly promoted.  For one thing, ozone is essentially free; and manufacturers have never found how they can bottle it for resale.  So, while this makes it a nearly perfect service concept; it has literally no branding, marketing, and industry support.

The National Ozone Association has worked for more than eight years to raise the value and understanding of one of Nature's greatest resources.  Like water, sunshine, or gravity; ozone is made in nature and is a big part of a healthy world.

We can bring ozone into our lives in a better way; but frankly, it should be done with knowledge.  Not clandestine businesses started on a whim.

The National Ozone Association is pleased to list ozone services on our and directory to assist people across the country to find reliable services offering environmental cleanup services.