Start a Business Renting Infection-Prevention Systems

Some of the most successful business people found a moment in time that they used to catapult themselves to extraordinary success.  Crisis moments seem so very awful but ... maybe not.  If it were possible to take our eyes off the adversity and look for the opportunity, I believe we are in one of those unexpected moments when lives and fortunes can radically change.

Who are the winners and genius in the stock market?  Have more millions been made when the stock market is gradually moving up and down, or when there was a crash and courageous investors bought up stock at dirt cheap prices?

While many have made money buying real estate, vast millions were made when real estate prices crashed and investors bought homes for pennies on the dollars.  The genius is found in those who see gold when others see rocks.  The COVID-19 pandemic is horrible and many lives are being devastated.  Yet, new companies are opening and millions are being made even at the depth of a national and world crisis.

We see a fantastic opportunity to step into this crisis with a stunningly great solution that offers something common sanitizing service cannot.  Start with the Allergies & Toxic Building Specialist course to become a Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist with OSHA training.  You will discover an amazing business sector that is right now in dire straits trying to overcome the coronavirus threat.

To focus on the most exciting concept, hydroxyl generators that can be placed in medical offices, stores, restaurants, daycares, gyms, schools, and office to constantly sanitize the air and prevent the spread of infections.  While hydroxyl generators are nearly unknown to the public, they are EPA registered sanitizing systems that have can do what no other sanitizing services can offer.

By renting or leasing hydroxyl units to local schools or businesses, we provide more than a "Momentary Sanitizing Solution" that is compromised when an infected person might enter.  We install a real-time, constant. 24/7 sanitizing process that likely makes your building the "Safest Building in the City" not counting a surgery room.

To start this business, you need about $10,000 to get the training, equipment, and materials to start income flowing within 30 days.  That investment is easily recovered in the first three months and the revenues grow with each new installation.  And, the amount of work in small.  After an initial fogging of our safe sanitizing product, we install the hydroxyl generators.  Afterward the business pays a small monthly fee to enjoy the highest level of sanitizing that the public will literally love.

In addition, once these units are seen in a few businesses and offices, customers start asking how they can get a unit in their building.  Why is this so appealing?  Just look around.  Is there any other system that can effectively sanitizing the air and surfaces 24/7, or are they all momentary reprieves from infectious disease?

We need multiple outlets in every city to deliver this solution.  This is possibly the simplest and most profitable business opportunity we have seen.  Renting and leasing equipment that does not interfere with normal activity but creates an infection-safe bubble in the community is a huge solution to a national crisis event.