NOAI Certified Ozone Generators

Ozone generator repairThe National Ozone Association is a network of ozone professionals who work hard to provide honest and effective ozone related services.  To do this, the equipment that these professional choose is very important.  The real cost of buying Internet-promoted ozone generators is that they are made in China or made in a garage from blowers that were never intended to be ozone machines.  These ozone generators are not safe, of poor quality, and essentially unrepairable.

NOAI has worked with a few companies who were willing to produce high quality units that are supported in the U.S. and are easily repaired.  Some companies literally reject any oversight or review and do not seek an independent review.  Nonetheless, NOAI is an open door to review, evaluate, and certify ozone equipment regardless of brand.  We have some basic standards of quality of design, reparability, honest claims, and ongoing support.  None of these are difficult to achieve, but companies who exist only to sell inferior equipment tend to avoid independent review.

NOAI has reviewed the 15/30G MAXX from, and this versatility unit is an outstanding example of everything a professional could want.  The price of $425 is perhaps the best deal for the quality on the market.  

The 15/30G MAXX is compact yet has plenty of power.  It can be set on the low output level and placed on the console of a car, or set to the high output level to treat a house of 3000 square feet.  The case and all parts are carefully assembled of non-corrosive metals or coatings.

Safety is always a concern.  The design of the equipment is superior.  The heatsink on each plate allows the machine to run cool, and a cool environment produces better ozone.  The cool-running unit also influences the longevity of any electric device.  

The builtin timer allows three hours (180 minutes) or run time.  We like this feature a lot.  One of the biggest complaint and amateur mistakes is running an ozone generator too long.  Ozone is best applied in cycles allowing time for the customer to evaluate the overall effect.  Since the customer owns the machine, it makes sense to consider your pending problem as one that can be best treated in stages.  Give the problem a day or two to breathe, then apply another treatment as needed.

For ozone sanitizing, the evidence is that a 30-60 minute treatment is a proper cycle of treatment.  Knowing that infectious diseases are a persistent threat, it is reasonable to do routine treatments of 30-60 minutes in addition to your cleaning and sanitizing efforts in the building.

Finally, we find that one of the best features of the 15/30G MAXX is the ease of repair or maintenance.  Anyone can quickly remove the case cover, disconnect the wire clip, remove two screws, and replace the transformer and plates.  We wonder why others haven't thought of this.  The new transformer and plates are about $45, and the machine is essentially back to like-new, full power.

The National Ozone Association is pleased to certify the 15/30G MAXX from as a quality ozone generator that professionals will love.  This ozone generator should last for years and never become a broken-down dust-collector in your garage.   Website Link