Our Vision for Ozone Acceptance

The Ozone Business

To be frank, ozone has been poorly understood, sometimes maligned by the ill-informed, and often promoted by profiteers.  It is time for an organization that is built for the serious businesses that use ozone is some aspect of their business.  Ozone, like many good things, can be abuse and misused.  However, it is nonetheless Nature's "Solution to Pollution", and it deserves far more respect than it is given by the less knowledgeable.  The National Ozone Association endeavors to be a national and international network of proven and reliable service providers that include ozone as one of their tools.

New in 2017:  No annual fees.  Be a NOAI member for just $9 per month

NOAI is also an incubation and launching platform for new remediation-type businesses.  We hope to cut through the misdirection of Internet promoters and help new businesses start without the time-delays of learning the hard way and misspending their dollars on the wrong equipment.  Starting any business means that the first 90 days are critical to the future of the operation.  Mistakes made early on can cripple the business, and our 400+ members provide a tremendous resource for any business that needs real support to move forward.

Finally, the National Ozone Association is an advocate for the use of ozone.  Corporations will never get behind ozone because it is always made on the spot and cannot be sold in cans on store shelves.  There is no profit for large corporations who would seek to displace the smaller businesses.  The good news to this is that the ozone business is the perfect service business.  However, a little negative news travels better than the real, good news.  So, the National Ozone Association has worked for nearly ten years to build a volume of good information and history of good business through our national outreach and many members.

It is hoped that every business that uses ozone will join NOAI and help us promote the concept that helps your business grow.   Join NOAI

Thinking about Starting an Ozone Business