What is Shock Ozone?

The idea of shock ozone is the white whale of ozone treatments.  While many ozone generators claim to create ozone shock, this process is not easily accomplished and has its potential risks.  The National Ozone Association has determined that ozone shock is 10-12 oom or more of ozone saturation.  

Smaller ozone units, depending on room size, may plateau at 1-3 ppm, which still offers some value.  But, low ppm levels require a much longer time to match what the shock level ozone can accomplish in 1-2 hours.  

On the other side of the issue, ozone generators of 60,000 can hit high ppm levels but can over-treat the job and embed ozone smell for weeks and months after the job.

It seems that there is a sweet spot for the vast majority of ozone treatments at the 30,000 mg/hr range.  And, on smaller jobs (cars, rooms, etc) the 15,000 mg/hr is a good choice.  

This is why the versatility and quality engineering of the 15/30 MAX from www.AllOzone.com is probably the best choice for the multiple applications encountered in real-life situations.  While most ozone generators rely on self-promotion via Google adwords, braggadocious YouTube ads, and website hype; we are impressed with a the quality of the 15/30G Max from AllOzone.com.  The design and manufacture of this ozone generator speaks for itself, and actual testing has demonstrated that this answers the questions the people are asking.

The key of ozone treatments is delivering the right amount of ozone for the right amount of time for the size of the area.  When an ozone generator is flexible enough to deliver the ozone output needed, a big issue is already addressed.  Add a timer that prevents over-treatment, and this makes the ozone generator very versatile.

When a lot more power is needed, add in another 30G unit to cover more area or power.  Ozone can be adjusted from as little as 15,000 mg/hr to 30G, 45G, 60G, 75G, or 90G of ozone output without hauling around heavy or expensive ozone generators.  In addition, we feel that strategic placement of multiple units will accomplish a more even treatment to all areas of the building.