How Long Should I Run an Ozone Generator?

Professional ozone services may know how long to run an ozone generator, but most people are ill-informed about the length of time to run an ozone generator.  

In fact, there are numerous variables that affect the ozone treatment cycle.  There are mild, medium, and bad problems that determine a treatment length between one to four hours.  But, that leaves the questions of the size of the ozone machine, the size of the room or building, temperature, and humidity.  

Most environmental remediation issues are a mixed bag of conditions that are not as predictable as a lab or industrial application.  In short, every job is unlike any other job, and experience is very helpful to strategize the next challenge.

If anyone is presently wondering how long to run an ozone generator or what size ozone generator to buy, there is a simple solution.  And, this runs in the face of most ozone generator promotors selling ozone generators online.

If you own the ozone generator, there is no rush to solve the problem in one grand effort.  In other words, do not run any ozone generator for more the eight hours, but we suggest that smaller applications of one to four hours is the better part of ozone wisdom.  Why is there a need to "Crush the Problem" by using a large ozone generator running 8 to 12 hours for any problem?

On the other side of the ozone generator scale are small ozone generators that require more time to do the job that a full-size generator could do more quickly.  In the end, we see a sweet spot for ozone generators around 15,000 to 30,000 mg/hr.  

If more output is needed, then add another unit to get up to 60,000, 90,000, or 120,000 mg/hr of output.  This gives professional services the flexibility to ramp up the power or treat multiple jobs.  Plus 30-gram units are much easier to transport.  In our estimation, flexibility is probably the saving virtue for most ozone treatments.

If you are new to ozone, take on the task in steps allowing the opportunity to evaluate the progress of one to two-hour treatments.  There is as much to consider about over-treatment as under-treatment.  But, if you own the ozone generator, there is no need to crush the problem.

Many problems, like odors, are layered or complex targets.  The source may be embedded in wood, fabric, or shielded by something called biofilm.  Therefore, a strategy of treating a problem in shorter treatments every 3-5 days may be a good idea.  Allow the hidden odors to emerge as the first layers are resolved.  Some call this "Breathing" as it is well-know that some odors emerge as the more prominent odors are neutralized.

Smelly cars are particularly complex.  Though there is a smaller airspace, there is a lot of material, foam, and hidden areas that can hold odors and odd debris.  Foam has millions of air bubbles that are holding years of foul odors.  While a mild odor may be treated with one ozone treatment, it is almost a guarantee that the odor will come back in a milder form.  It is best noticed when you first enter the car on a hot day.

The solution is to view odors as breaking a bad habit.  We are told that it takes 30-90 days to break a bad habit, but it is literally achieved day-by-day.  

To add to the flexibility of the treatment(s), the ozone generator should have a built-in timer and ability to select the ozone output from 15,000 to 30,000 mg/hr.